CX6 Principles

Customer experience is a customer's perception of their interactions with a company, product, services and brand; our focus is on a customer's perception of their interactions with our company, product, services and brand drives new and repeat customer purchases with Asurion and our partners.

What Principles Can We Use to Deliver Customer Experience at Asurion?

In order to live "Life's Operating System," we introduced six Customer Experience Principles 'the CX6' to provide a framework of how to think about not only what the customer values in their interaction with us but the underlying values that drive a dramatically improved experience.

As we look to enhance that experience, drive engagement, and reduce churn, we can use these principles as an input in how we deliver our products and services – whether improved marketing, product processes or front-line interactions.  Below are the principles as well as key questions you might ask yourself to help guide your application of the CX6.