We love creating products that our customers love and benefit from each day!

Why Soluto Nashville Engineering?

Soluto Nashville is focused on making people love and get the most from technology. We’re a strong team of product-oriented developers, therefore we don’t just write code - we analyze the impact we have on users and measure it obsessively. Using cutting edge technology combined with great methodologies around Continuous Integration & Deployment, awesome code is pushed to production almost every day. Supporting about 280 million customers means we face some fascinating challenges around scale, user experience and quality.


Who’s the perfect match for us?

  • A highly motivated developer with experience in development, design and architecture.
  • There are no traditional managers, so you’re going to have to be extremely responsible and independent.
  • We’re using Lean Startup methodologies, which means we’ll need you to be agile and data-driven too.
  • Our culture focuses on constantly improving at what we do, and this requires open-minded people who love to learn and create.

Are you ready!

We welcome any developer with lots of experience in object-oriented or functional paradigms, and we’re not picky about languages. We’ve recently been writing mostly TypeScript, Java, and JavaScript. We have a very strong team, and we’re looking for people who want to learn as well as bring their experience to the table and introduce us to new stuff.



Tech Stack

  • TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, NodeJS, Dart, Angular, ReactJS, ReactNative, HTML5, CSS, and whatever’s needed.
  • Cloud Architecture (AWS) with Micro-Services (Docker and Serverless) and high availability best practices
  • Agile, Lean, Kanban, CI, CD and DevOps
  • Unit Tests, Integration Tests and End-to-End Tests

Work and Play

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We work hard and play hard. Our team spends a lot of time working with each other and building relationships. We have a lot of friendly competitions such as ping pong tournaments and hackathons.