Product Market Fit

Learn to use Dual Track Agile Concepts to Kill your RoadMap

Background Info:

Key Terminology:

Product – Something we can release with confidence, sell and support, and that provides the necessary scale, performance, reliability, security and accuracy

MVP Test – Smallest test we can devise to try out an idea or hypothesis during discovery. Not an actual product but a simulation or prototype.

Product Market Fit – Smallest actual delivered product that meets the needs of the specific market (vertical, geography, persona) and can support an actual business.

Product Vision – The end state of the product work representing all target personas, vertical markets and geographies.


Key Takeaways:

1. Great teams run 15+ tests a week

2. Having many tests and experiments over perfect tests is the secret to success

3. We need to be careful that our MVPs don’t scope creep into the Product Market Fit category