Design Thinking at Asurion

We intend to establish an underlying basis of product development and innovation that puts our users first and assures that the ongoing improvement of our products is rooted in solving real, observed needs.  Success will be measured constantly and will drive continual innovation in a collaborative environment.

Design Thinking is not just discussion about the value of design and aesthetics. It's a practice that amplifies the creative powers of individuals. It's focused on measurable results but also allows for flexibility and responsiveness to unexpected opportunities.  It seeks to balance business needs, technical capabilities, and social dynamics.  It is itself a living experiment and embraces the very tenets that it professes by adapting to the needs of the people - both creators and consumers.

It relies upon a workshop approach to tailor implementation to the given team and its members. We recognize that tools and techniques are still critical to the success of this effort, but we prefer customization over anything one-size-fits-all for a team or product. The approach depends upon a leveled methodology allowing teams to step into some or all of the benefits of the Design Thinking program.

It is through the testing of ideas and techniques that we will find what works best in the context of our Product and Development teams. This allows us to establish an ongoing program of improvement and to involve a core of Design Thinking leaders within our company.