Anything created has been designed. Design Thinking is a framework behind that creative process that enables teams to create the right outcomes.


This site provides the principles, concepts and tools needed to equip Asurion for the design age.



Whether it’s the end consumer, a technician or an internal client, design done well means creating a solution aimed directly at a user’s problem.  It's critical that we build empathy with our users and to include them in the design process.

CX6 Principles:

  • Make it easy for me - Respect my time.  I want a quick, simple and easy experience.
  • Know me - Understand me as an individual and provide me with the information that's meaningful to me.
  • Help Me grow - I want to learn and progress to the next level.  Teach and support me.
  • Be transparent - When things go wrong, give me a clear path forward. 
  • Reassure me - Positively engage with me - acknowledge, listen and take care of me
  • Surprise & delight me - Go above and beyond to help me.
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In order to understand a user’s problem, the more perspectives the better.  This requires a heavy reliance on collaborating with people from different disciplines and backgrounds across the organization.

  • Leverage the group to reach out to new ideas and build upon each other’s
  • Cross functional “Team"
    (Product, Development, UX, Analysis, Content, Training, Delivery)
  • Extend the “Team” to include the user

In order to do good work, we must foster a culture of constant iteration.  Test our ideas early and often.  Measure the impact with data.  Refine the ideas.  It’s not just about features or product design.  It’s a mindset that can be applied to any of the work done by Asurion. 

  • Understand > Create > Learn
  • Problems drive Hypothesis
  • Design Solutions are developed
  • Results are measured
  • Process repeats until problem is resolved or redefined